Gastric Band

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What is the Gastric Band

It is an inflatable silicone devise placed around the top portion of the stomach to treat obesity and is intended to decrease food consumption. 

However, Mr Toumi do not do the gastric band for the following reasons:

New bariatric operations that are safe and more effective than the gastric band.

In the past there were three options to treat obesity: the gastric band, the gastric bypass and the duodenal switch. Many patients opted for the gastric band in the past as they did not want to have more complex operations especially as the risk of these other bariatric operations was higher then.

However, the adoption of improved techniques and the extensive experience that bariatric surgeons acquired in performing laparoscopic (keyhole) operations resulted in the risks of these other bariatric procedures to be significantly reduced.

In addition, the advent of procedures like sleeve gastrectomy that are simpler and safer contributed to the significant shift in patients’ preferences from the gastric band.

Frequent need for removal of Gastric Band

The second reason is that many people who had gastric band in the UK required them to be revised or removed within the first few years after having the band inserted.

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