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Mr Toumi offers diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. Endoscopy is a procedure that is used to diagnose or treat conditions in the gullet (oesophagus) or stomach. 

Patients who suffer from complaints in the upper part of the tummy (abdomen) might have conditions like inflammation in the stomach (gastritis), an ulcer in the stomach or the small bowel , a hiatus hernia or cancer in the stomach or gullet (oesophagus). These conditions can be diagnosed with gastroscopy. 

It is also possible that patients might have conditions like stricture or narrowing in their gullet, stomach or duodenum or bleeding in one of these areas. These conditions can be treated with endoscopy. 

In addition, Mr Toumi offers endoscopic procedures for weight loss like the gastric balloon. The Gastric Balloon (Orbera 365) is a endoscopic weight loss procedure – a thin camera inserted through the mouth with no cuts on the skin. Mr Toumi also offers the 4 month Allurion gastric balloon which is swallowed without the need for endoscopy and anaesthesia.

Endoscopy is a safe procedure, that is undertaken with or without sedation and has a low risk of complications.