Patient Stories

Kim's story

“I have lost a massive 10 stone and maintained this so far.”

I have always been someone who struggled with my weight since I was a child. Years of poor eating habits and choices, not helped by family members not giving me the restrictions and guidance I needed as a child. There was too much freedom and ‘you must finish your plate’. I spent many years trying various diets as an adult, but nothing seemed to work long term. I often found that I would re-gain the weight lost plus more. I spent thousands on personal trainers which only got me so far and seriously affected my mental health. Not seeing the results of my hard work caused me to give up and I was caught in the never-ending cycle again.

Now at the age of 33, me and my Mam made the decision to do this journey together and it has been the best decision of my life, I wish I had done it sooner. From the minute we enquired with Mr Toumi we were put at ease, he really looked after us both. He never blamed me or made me feel ashamed. He was compassionate about helping and showed genuine care and concern. Being able have my Gastric Bypass on the same day as my Mam has been my triumph. We have been able to support each other with the continuous help and support of Mr Toumi who we have stayed in touch with.

Going in for the procedure was scary and you do have all sorts of thoughts about what is going to happen. But Mr Toumi was there every step of the way to answer any and all questions. I arrived at the hospital at 7am on the morning of my operation, I was talked through what would happen, signed all my consent forms etc. I was taken down to theatre a little after 9am. When I woke up I was in some discomfort from the gas pain which was to be expected which got better each day and only lasted about 5 days. I felt a little sick but this was from the anaesthetic but I wasn’t in a lot of pain. Mr Toumi came to see me after and also the next morning and I was released with all the mediation and pain relief I needed that evening. I took 3 weeks off work as I am a support worker and it is very physical job. I returned to work on light duties for a further 8 weeks to ensure I was properly healed and then had a review with Mr Toumi to see how the wounds were healing. He also scheduled a review at 6 months and 12 months to see how we were getting on.

Since having my Gastric Bypass in October 2021, I have lost a massive 10 stone and maintained this so far. I have been able to do more for myself and do activities that I wasn’t able to do previously due to weight restrictions. Thanks to Mr Toumi giving me this new found confidence and new life, I’m now enjoying activities like theme parks, bungee jumps, zip wires etc. I’m looking to book a sky dive soon too. I can even go on holiday and not be embarrassed by how I look or come home having gained weight from all the all inclusive choices.

I also suffer with Psoriatic Arthritis but since having the Bypass the pressure on my joints as eased massively and I’m in a lot less pain, I still take my medication, but I find I don’t not need to take as many pain killers in my day-to-day life and can focus on the more important things. I’m actually the happiest I have been ever!

Georgia's story

“I found the happiness that I didn’t know you could have.”

I went for my Gastric Bypass surgery January 2022 which has now resulted in me losing a huge 9 stone.

I lived my life with a fake smile. I always put on a front and acted like I had confidence. I pulled myself down to make a joke of the size I was. This was a way to get over how I really felt. I loved going out with my friends, but hated the side of getting clothes to fit me knowing I was the bigger friend when out. I had extreme anxiety before walking into a bar on a night out.

Lockdown came and I went from working as a hairdresser in a salon to seeing no one. I began overeating daily until lockdown ended. Going back to work hit me hard with the pains in my back working 12 hours a day on my feet with the extra weight gain. 

I would take my little girl to a play area and know I wasn’t fit enough to run around after her. My confidence was slowly going, and I needed someone to help me out as this wasn’t the life I wanted for me or my little girl. I was still young, so at the age of 28 I had Bariatric Surgery and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. 

I found happiness I didn’t know I could have even have. I’m more confident, comfortable and can buy any clothes in any shop now, which is the best feeling in the world. 

This surgery is the best thing to of happened to me and I will never regret it. It’s not an easy way out, it’s hard some days, but it’s so worth it.

Nicola's story

“I have lost 4.5 stone. I feel healthier, fitter and happier.”

I have always struggled with my weight since puberty. Food was always a reward and I always thought food was the remedy to make me feel better. Since my mid 20’s, I have been a typical ‘yo-yo’ dieter, however, as I reached midlife this seemed harder. I faced the onset of the menopause and I felt utterly miserable. I then decided to research gastric surgery. My weight was 16.7 stone and a BMI of 34. My blood pressure was high, and I had lots of aches and pains.

I met Mr Toumi and I decided the Orbera 365 gastric balloon was the tool to get me back on the right path for a healthier life. My balloon was inserted on May 22. I was very apprehensive as I had read lots of negativity, but Mr Toumi was very clear in his advice. 

The balloon is only there as a tool to help with weight loss. Experience shows that approximately 70-80% of your total weight loss with be lost in the first 3 months. After that, the weight loss slows down, and the gastric balloon plays a more supportive role in helping you maintain your weight whilst you continue to adapt to new nutrition and exercise habits.

Insertion was painless and I did not need any sedation. I was back home in 2 hours with some medication to help with the sickness and pain. The next three days were pretty uncomfortable, and I focused on taking my medication and keeping hydrated. After one week, I was 10lbs lighter. Over the next few weeks my weight stayed exactly the same and I was struggling to eat more than 700 calories. I felt a little deflated but once I received advise from the dietitian and increased my calories by having little snacks, the scales began to display a loss.

Two weeks after insertion I decided to join a gym. I started a routine of going straight from work for 30 minutes. I then started C25K (Couch to 5K) which is a fantastic programme that’s been designed to get you from the couch to running 5km in 9 weeks.

The next few months I stuck to simple routine of eating three small meals on a 7-inch plate equalling a total of 1200 calories and doing 30 minutes of exercise a day. Christmas, birthdays and holidays my routine did not falter. I ran every morning in the heat in Italy and ran in the freezing winter in the Czech Republic. I tracked my calories, and I was losing weight. From consultation to removal, I have lost 4 and a half stone. It’s six weeks since I had my balloon removed and I feel healthier, fitter, and most importantly happier. Does the balloon work? Yes, if you treat it as a tool.  


“I’ve gone from not leaving my home, to having a new lease of life and being out all the time.”

After yo-yo dieting for 15 years, I decided to research weight loss surgery. After a consultation with Mr Toumi, I decided to opt for a Gastric Sleeve. I was very nervous however Mr Toumi made me feel at ease and discussed all the options. I decided on the sleeve, and it is the best decision I ever made. 

I have gone from not leaving my home, to having a new lease of life and being out all the time. I have gone from a dress size 18 and I am now starting to go into a size 10.

In 8 months, I have lost 6 stone and 5lbs and I am still losing. The aftercare I have received is second to none. Thank you, Mr Toumi, for giving me back my life. 


“I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 8. I’m living my best life and I’m healthy.”

After years of yo-yo dieting and hitting rock bottom in an unhappy marriage I ended up obese and desperately unhappy. My mother had died 5 months previous and her cause of death was everything weight related. I knew I had the same eating habits, the gorging of chocolate and fatty foods and hiding wrappers even when I was alone in the house. I’d tried a private diet clinic with shakes and spent £26,000 over 6 years with my weight going up and down. I ended up a size 20 with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the start of sleep apnoea.

After a close friend had a Gastric Sleeve by Mr Toumi I decided that I would go and have a consultation. I remember being so frightened, but from the moment I met Mr Toumi I believed in him, I trusted him. He listened to me and understood me. I had the Gastric Bypass in January 2021. Mr Toumi visited me before he performed the surgery and eased my anxiety. Mr Toumi has shown enormous support and interest since my surgery. It was a big step, but the only step left for me. I wish I had done it 10 years ago.

Today I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 8 and I’m back with the love of my life and out of my unhappy marriage. I’m living my best life and I’m healthy and very comfortable in my own skin now. Thank you Mr Toumi, you gave me my confidence and my life back. 

ROB (1)

“I considered myself a ‘wreck beyond repair’. Mr Toumi proved me wrong.”


As a teenager and up until about the age of 26 I never had an issue with my weight. I was quite active and healthy. However, after suffering a back injury and going to university (which resulted in a massive change in my diet) I quickly gained a huge amount of weight. In total I gained over 10 stone within a year, taking my weight to 27 stone. My health deteriorated hugely.

For many years I was unable to even walk a flight of stairs without becoming out of breath. At this point and for years after I hated what I had become. I hated seeing myself in the mirror. My clothes size was 6XL, with a 46 inch waist. I had to buy clothes from specialist retailers.

After trying numerous diets (just about every one known), I opted for Bariatric Surgery and chose to have a Sleeve Gastrectomy. From my first meeting with Mr Toumi I was overwhelmed by his knowledge and his compassion for those he was treating. Mr Toumi explained that Bariatric Surgery is not just a procedure, but a lifestyle change. He was able through his therapeutic approach, to make me realise this and maintain a healthy lifestyle since my operation three years ago.

Mr Toumi has been the main contributor to my positive lifestyle change which has enabled me since my operation to compete in marathons, cycle over 200 miles in one day and other sport events which up until I met Mr Toumi were just dreams that I thought were impossible and would never be achieved. These events have I have done for numerous charities, raising thousands of pounds. This would never have happened had I not met Mr Toumi. I’m continuing to compete in cycling events to raise money for charities. 

I considered myself ‘a wreak beyond repair’. Mr Toumi proved me wrong and not only ‘fixed’ my physical health, but he made a huge difference in improving my mental health and outlook on life. His patients call this the ‘T Effect’. 

Noreen (1)

“My health has improved and I don’t have high blood pressure or sleep apnoea anymore.”


I have always been overweight along with an under active thyroid, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea. I needed two new knees, but throughout my life I would lose 5 stone then put 4 stone back on and I just kept going round in a vicious circle. Being referred to Mr Toumi and his team changed my life, they made me feel at ease and always explained everything to me.

With the help of Mr Toumi and his team I started my journey in March 2019 at 19 stone 13lb. I attended meetings with people who were in the same situation as myself and I never felt judged. I had a Gastric Bypass and slowly started to lose weight. I am now 8 stone lighter. My health has improved, and I don’t have high blood pressure or sleep apnoea anymore. 

I can go to normal clothes shops now instead of plus size ones. I have been very lucky on this journey as I have had no problems and little to no pain. I recovered quite quickly and didn’t feel as though I’d had surgery.

I cannot thank Mr Toumi and his Bariatric Team enough for the help and support I received. I only wish I started my journey years ago. I have now managed to have two new knees and I have a new life in-front of me. I would definatly recommend a Gastric Bypass to anyone thinking of having the procedure done as it really is live changing. 

Audrey's Gastric Sleeve Success

I am proud of my journey and of the people who helped me achieve it. 

I started my weight loss journey a long time ago. I think in fact from the day I was born I have always been overweight. I tried every diet in the world, none of which helped long term. I had a lot of health issues in later life related to my weight including really high blood pressure. My doctor said this would most likely kill me if not rectified.

In response to this, I requested a chance to see a Weight Loss Surgeon and my doctor helped me. Luckily with that I was introduced the weight loss programme and followed it for a year or more. I met Mr Toumi at some point along this journey and he performed my Sleeve Gastrectomy. He helped me so, so much in any and every way he could. My journey wasn’t easy by any means and still isn’t. Lockdown has given me lots of problems due to my desire to overeat the wrong foods. But once again Mr Toumi and his team are always there to help.

I was around 18 stone when I started the process and I am only five foot. I am now 13 stone and I no longer have any health problems. My blood pressure is normal and I am well. I have recently had Covid-19, but I do not think I would have got through it if I was still that person I was before my operation. I am eternally grateful to Mr Toumi, who is in my opinion a genius in his field. There is none better! The photos I have included still make me proud of my journey and proud of the people who helped me achieve it. 

Michelle's Gastric Bypass Success

“I am living life to the full. Second chances do happen.”

I started the weight loss programme with Mr Toumi when I weighed 23st 11lb and decided to have a Gastric Bypass. I followed the programme, lost weight and I felt really positive that I could do this. I really enjoyed listening to people’s stories on the way and meeting new friends. Personally, getting fatter makes you quite lonely, it helped me meeting people with same problems who didn’t judge you. 

After the surgery, the staff were asking me to get out of bed and walk around. The funniest thing happened, as soon as my feet hit floor all pain went, and I have never looked back.

As a big girl I would walk in a room with my head held high. However, my life after surgery has changed now forever and I have no regrets. I wish I had done it sooner. I can now do stuff I never thought I could. I can sit in any chair and not worry it will collapse under my weight. I can walk round shops, not just one shop. I can buy clothes off normal rails and not only plus size. I am living life to the full. Second chances do happen. 

Thank you to the bariatric team and of course Mr Z Toumi who is a hero in my eyes, for seeing the person behind the obesity. 

Katie's Gastric Sleeve Success Story

"This operation has truly changed my whole life and I could not have done it without it."

I have been overweight for most of my life. I always thought with every new diet I would start, was going to be the one that would change my life. My most successful attempts would last around 3 weeks then the weight loss would become less and less to then end up putting all the weight back on plus more.

I began researching weight loss surgery and started to look at my options privately with the Spire. The reason for going private was that I liked the thought of being more in control of choosing my surgery date and choosing my surgeon. I took the leap and gave the Spire a call and decided to book my appointment with Mr Toumi.

During my first appointment Mr Toumi was very easy to speak to and did not rush through. He spoke to me in detail about all the procedure options and then left it up to me to decide without delaying any process. I decided to have a Sleeve Gastrectomy. Mr Toumi went through every step in detail that I would go through with the procedure.

I do not think I slept the night before surgery. I am not the bravest of people to say the least, but the staff could not have been better. I was treated with so much respect and kindness. After surgery, I remember waking up and being wheeled into my room where my mam and husband were waiting for me. My biggest surprise was no pain. The incisions did not take long to heal and I did realise that my appetite had totally gone.

A couple of months later I was starting to really feel the benefits of what I had gone through, which was just making me feel more and more positive every day. My friends were full of compliments and couldn’t believe the difference in me. I could relax and totally enjoy myself. I knew this was the start of me experiencing things I hadn’t been able to in ages!

Three months after surgery I had now lost 7 stone. I decided to treat myself to a new outfit and instead of trying to cover my body up, I went for a clingy dress, I felt a million dollars at a birthday party. Some people didn’t even know it was me until I got right up to them. It was the feeling I had been waiting for. I am not at the end of my journey yet, but I do not have far to go. It’s 10 months since my surgery and I’m just under 11 and a half stone down. I have found a new love of cooking and love creating healthy meals to eat. I am at a point now where I don’t even feel like I am on a diet, it is just my way of life. At least once every day, I take a minute after doing something and think, 10 months ago I couldn’t have even imagined doing that. This operation has truly changed my whole life and I could not have done it without it. 

Lesley's Gastric Bypass Success

"The best benefit is being able to walk into a shop and buy normal sized clothes!"

I have always been overweight and can never remember a time when I did not have to wear baggy clothes or felt comfortable. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid at 16 years old and knew that although it is not an excuse, weight would be a issue for me for life.

Exercise has always been a passion for me. I completed Bootcamps, Pilates and CrossFit sessions at my heaviest of 22.5 stones! I would try starving myself, shakes, soups and live on chicken and rice all of which would see me lose 2 stone. Feeling like I was doing well I would then ‘treat’ myself to pints of cider and to chocolate. Before I knew it the 2 stone would be back on plus an additional 7lbs. This cycle of bad eating would be a constant battle. I was always starting again on a Monday and by Friday be back to binge eating sweets.

In March 2017 I got a huge shock looking at a photograph of me at an event. I was coming up to 40 in 2019 and decided I had to do something, or my health would start to suffer. I asked my GP surgery if anyone had been successful at obtaining Weight Loss Surgery on the NHS. I was very luck that the practice nurse referred me to the weight and wellbeing sessions held locally.

My journey to Gastric Bypass was a long one. I attended weekly weight and wellbeing sessions to lose the 5% weight needed before I was referred to a surgeon. I did this and then got the magic referral. I was advised that I would need to weight over 4 months for the referral. At this stage I investigated private surgery and attended a talk at The Spire Washington where I met Mr Toumi who explained in detail the different types of surgery available.

Although the journey was long, this gave me lots of time to fully research the surgery, pros/cons and prepare myself with CBT therapy to ensure it was a lifelong change. The surgery is a tool to support long term weight loss, it is not a miracle cure and I know all my time with Mr Toumi and his team made sure I was fully prepared for life post-surgery.

I had my procedure in May 2019, and it was the start of my new life. I had no post-operative complications and to this day I am very lucky to say I have not had any issues at all. I do stick to every rule I was advised by Mr Toumi and the dietician team. I also keep in regular contact with the dieticians to keep myself accountable.

The benefits of this surgery as not just the weight loss. I don’t suffer from joint pain anymore or catch every cough and cold. The best benefit is walking into a shop and buying normal size clothes. Although my bank balance might not agree!

Elaine's Gastric Bypass Success

“I  feel part of life instead of someone watching life from the side-lines.”

I have battled with my weight since I was around 14 years old. My best friend became food and this feeling continued throughout my life, never having any self-worth, and not liking anything about myself. I was lucky enough to meet an amazing man at 18 years old who is still by my side today and we have celebrated 26 years of marriage, however, this wasn’t enough to break me away from the food abuse. Looking back, I think I medicated with food. If I kept myself busy eating, I wasn’t thinking and that was powerful.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at around 40 years old and I was devastated. This diagnosis gave me some answers to the excruciating pain, fatigue and lack of sleep. I knew it would be even harder for me to lose the weight as I wasn’t able to exercise to the same extent. I ballooned to 124kg (19 ½ stone) and was struggling to move comfortably. I was working full time and struggling with my whole day. I had previously been to my GP multiple times and was prescribed Orlistat, Slimming World etc but that did not deal with why I was overeating, so never had any great long-term successes. I would lose 4 stone put 5 on, lose 3 stone put 4 on etc. I think because at the back of my mind I never felt worthy so what was the point.

I began the weight management programme and for the first time ever, Mr Toumi and his team stood at the front and told me and others this was not our fault and we can get help, proper help. I began the the talking changes programme in earnest, this was weekly CBT which really made me look at my behaviours and how I had been using food to cope. I then went to a psychologist who helped me to process what was a very difficult past and for the first time ever I began to feel some self-worth. 

I had an appointment with Mr Toumi who explained the options to me and my husband including surgery. There were milestones to meet and processes to follow but I was up for it. Over the coming months I lost enough weight to be able to be considered for surgery and completed the emotional programmes in order to prepare. Not easy but so worth it.

I had a Gastric Bypass. I had keyhole surgery with 5 scars left. I have never been looked after so well in my life, the care from Mr Toumi and his team was incredible and I felt safe throughout. I went home after 3 days to recover at home and within 2 weeks I was up and about. The after care has been amazing, you’re never alone, advice is just a phone call away and regular reviews help you feel in control and feel safe you are supported.

Surgery was perfect for me and exactly what I needed. It has provided me with a physical tool to aid the loss of weight and maintenance as my relationship with food is so different now. However, equally important is the psychological support given before during and after. Your mind is your most powerful tool. The surgery helped me massively put the mind tools into practice.

I now have a future surrounded by love, confidence and grandchildren which I would never have had without Mr Toumi and his team. I can do more, join in with the family and feel part of life instead of someone watching life from the side-lines.