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The Allurion gastric balloon pill

The Allurion swallowable gastric balloon can help you gain an average weight loss of 10 – 15% in 16 weeks while being supported on the 6 month Allurion programme. The Allurion is a swallowable balloon pill that does not require endoscopy or sedation for insertion or removal. 

How is the Allurion balloon inserted? To insert the balloon, you are required to swallow a balloon capsule tablet under the guidance of Mr Toumi at Spire Washington Hospital. We then inflate the balloon and take x-rays to check the positioning of the balloon. The whole procedure is quick and takes around 20 minutes. 


How does the Allurion help me lose weight? 

With the balloon in place it helps you improve your portion control as the balloon gives you the feeling of fullness even after eating a small meal. As the Allurion only stays inside the stomach for around 4 months we find that patients only require to adhere to dietary and lifestyle changes for 2 months to make them into established habits. Therefore, 4 months can be a reasonable length of time to establish these habits while the Allurion is in place. 

How is the Allurion balloon removed? 

The Allurion is designed in a way that is deflates after around 4 months of the insertion of the balloon. The balloon then passes naturally through your digestive system and does not require an endoscopic procedure for removal.

What support will be provided?

To support you along the way the Allurion balloon comes with intensive dietetic input from my dietitian Dawn Shotton. It also comes with a fitness tracker, an app and electronic scales. All of this will support you in your weight loss journey and hopefully result in more weight loss.

Allurion scales
Allurion App and Fitness Tracker

Benefits of the Allurion balloon

The Allurion swallowable balloon has already generated a lot of interest in many patients who are affected by being overweight or obese and who have tried many other methods of weight loss without success. The Allurion is perfect for those who want to kickstart their weight loss journey with an extra tool, but don’t want to go as far as Bariatric Surgery and do not want to have an endoscopy (for whatever reason). The Allurion weight loss programme has already helped over 50,000 people worldwide achieve their weight loss goals.

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