Gastric Balloon

The Gastric Balloon is a non surgical procedure and is an endoscopic procedure (a thin camera is inserted through the mouth with no cuts on the skin). A deflated balloon is inserted afterwards through the mouth into the stomach. The balloon is then inflated with fluid when it is positioned in the stomach. The inflated balloon occupies a big space in the stomach. Subsequently the patient has less space for food. This procedure achieves about 15% weight loss on average. So, if your starting weight is 20 stone, your weight is expected to go down to 17 stone with the balloon.

To achieve good outcomes with the balloon, the patient requires good preparation before the procedure and a full commitment to making changes to their diet and lifestyle while the balloon is inside the stomach. Maintaining weight loss after the removal of the balloon is dependent on maintaining the changes to the diet and lifestyle that were made while the balloon was inside the stomach. You will require daily vitamins and antacid medications in addition to regular follow up.